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Installed Plants

Siaya Plant

Our inaugural plant launched in 2014 by the First Lady Mrs. Margaret Kenyatta, the plant was set up as a PPP between GE Foundation, Hewatele, CPHD and Siaya County. The plant currently serves over 10 Counties with oxygen and oxygen accessories.

Installed Plants

Nakuru Plant

The Nakuru plant is a partnership between the Nakuru County and Hewatele with the support of Grand Challenges Canada. This plant has twice the capacity of the Siaya plant and, together with the Nairobi plant is expected to cover over 15 counties neighboring Nakuru and the North Rift.

Installed Plants

Nairobi Plant

Launched in March 2018 by the Deputy President of Kenya, H.E Dr William Samoei Ruto, the plant is also a PPP between Nairobi County, Hewatele, CPHD, UNICEF and with Grand Challenges Canada as the development partner for CPHD. The plant is designed to serve the needs of Nairobi and neighboring counties.

Installed Plants

Maua Plant

Hewatele plant in Maua was build from partnership with African Mission Healthcare to build ,design and maintain a duplex oxygen plant at Maua Methodist Hospital,Meru county.This plant has played a key role in oxygen access in the larger Meru,Isiolo,Embu,&Laikipia counties which were greatly unserved

Installed Plants

Kisumu Plant

Hewatele plant in Kisumu is a partnership between Oxygen Hub and Hewatele.The 600 litres per minute oxygen plant serving kisumu,kisii the general western Kenya and North rift areas.Has brought and end to scarcity of oxygen supply and was key in fight against Covid 19 Pandemic.

Proposed LOX Project

LOX Project

Hewatale are working with international partners Soros Economic Development Fund (SEDF), FinFund UBS- Optimus, Grand Challenges -Canada and International Development Corporation (DFC) to raise $20M to scale up into LOX(Liquid oxygen) manufacturing.Liquid oxygen is produced by liquefying atmospheric air and separating the oxygen by continuous cryogenic distillation. Ours will be the largest, most energy efficient, fully automated ASU(Air Separation Unit) facility in East Africa. The new facility is at execution stage and will be commissioned early 2025.

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