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Saving Lives, One Breath at a Time

Hewatele is a locally registered social enterprise set up with a key mandate to ensure oxygen is available, affordably to all needy patients. Hewatele and Mediquip Global provides all round oxygen solutions to all needy patients.


We have 3 production plants with a total daily production capacity of over 100 cylinders.


Cheers greet the Hewatele delivery truck every time it arrives at a facility. Oxygen is delivered at the doorstep, on time.


Safety of the patients and health workers is priority to us. Training is conducted regulaly to ensure safety & maintenance.

Regular supply of medical oxygen

Our Plants

Siaya Plant

Our inaugural plant, launched in 2014 by First Lady Mrs. Margaret Kenyatta, serves over 10 counties with oxygen and accessories.


Nakuru Plant

The Nakuru plant is a partnership between Nakuru County and Hewatele with the support of Grand Challenges Canada.


Nairobi Plant

The plant is also a PPP between Nairobi County, Hewatele, UNICEF, and Grand Challenges Canada as the development partners.


Health for all

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide regular supply of medical oxygen at affordable rates to reduce delays in access to emergency healthcare.

It is for this reason that we developed HEWATELE model - to ensure that health workers will never have to choose which life to save...especially because of limited Oxygen supply.

~ Dr. Bernard Olayo

Physician, Public Health Specialist & Founder,
Center for Public Health & Development

What they say about the project


This plant demonstrates what we can achieve with the right partnerships between the government and the private sector. The plant is close to my heart.

HE Mrs Margaret Kenyatta

First Lady of Kenya

We could not use oxygen properly before for power problems and delivery issues. Now it’s prompt. Now oxygen is all around us. Patient services have completely changed.

Debora Rogo

General Manager, Sagam Community Hospital

Oxygen is so quick. And it’s so easy. We don’t refer anybody now for such problems. Oxygen is cheap when you consider the lives we are saving.

Natalie Opido

Co-founder of Disciples of Mercy (a faith-based health facility)

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