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Focused on Saving Lives

Hewatele is a locally registered social enterprise se tup with a key mandate to ensure oxygen is available, affordably to all needy patients. Hewatele and Mediquip Global provides all round oxygen solutions to all needy patients.

Our Journey

Hewatele, is a non-profit organization based in Nairobi, has been working for the past several years in East Africa to improve healthcare systems through training and other innovations. Its initiatives complement government efforts by providing essential infrastructure and training of health professionals for effective health service provision. In 2013, an assessment in Western Kenya showed that hospitals in the region had a huge need for oxygen. Hospitals usually had to go collect oxygen cylinders from Kisumu, with limited funds and transport. This meant that patients often had to wait or even go without this essential drug. In partnership with the Siaya District Hospital, GE Foundation and Frog Design teamed up and the first Hewatele Oxygen Plant was born on September 2014. The plant is fully operational since then and distributes oxygen in over ten countries reaching more than 3 million people in Western Kenya.

Mission & Vision

Improving access to essential healthcare is the main objective of Hewatele, the parent organization. Improving the availability and affordability of oxygen, which is a WHO-recommended essential drug, is a key component of this mission. Hewatele was set up to ensure this.

Saving Lives

Our Vision

Make oxygen an essential part of emergency healthcare at all levels of facilities in Sub-Saharan Africa

Saving Lives

Our Mission

Provide regular supply of Medical Oxygen at affordable rates to reduce delays in access to emergency healthcare.

Our Approach

This intitiative has been planned and implemented adhering to Hewatele's approach


While working on the maternal and child health programs in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda, one common gross inadequacy came up again and again. It was lack of oxygen. Oxygen was expensive and its supply was irregular. Scratching below the surface of the problem revealed a monopoly of a private operator in this space, a weak distribution network and almost no support for efficient application of oxygen.

The key barriers in the delivery of oxygen to patients are:


Manufacture and supply of oxygen in East Africa is mainly a private sector concern. What Hewatele understood was it was essential to involve the public sector in order to make this program effective and sustainable.

Hewatele brings together the Ministry of Health, County Governments and Donor Financing (where applicable) in a public-private partnership (PPP)—the first of its kind in Kenya in the field of medical oxygen.

The PPP is a guarantee for effective, efficient and quality-driven health services while the training component makes the solution complete.

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