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The reach of oxygen delivery to patients can be widened by the way the delivery system is set up. One cylinder is capable of delivering oxygen to more than one patient at the same time. Facilities can go for oxygen manifold to install multiple oxygen outlets in a unit or ward. Hewa Tele can help facilities with the installation of the piping and splitters to maximize the delivery potential.

MediQuip Global, another of CPHD's social enterprises, can assist in doing the initial assessment to the final connection. We recommend the experts in doing an assessment first, as it will help avoid mishaps in the future in terms of frequent breakdown, leakage, and safety issues.


Cheers greet the Hewa Tele delivery truck every time it arrives at a facility—it’s a change for the health workers to have oxygen delivered at the doorstep, on time. Hewa Tele offers various delivery options, depending on the customer’s requirements.

Milkman Model: The delivery team follows a route for each run. Before leaving, it calls up all customers in that route to check on the needs.

Call-in order: The customer calls in to place an order depending on its requirement. We recommend customers place an order before all its cylinders are empty.

Standing order: Larger hospitals need oxygen at a regular and steady frequency. For the, the delivery team has a predetermined schedule.

Emergency: This service is special for facilities which are hosting the oxygen plant. There is 24x7 delivery service for them in case of any emergency.

Collection: Facilities can also drop in at the plant to collect cylinders or refill cylinders, the latter option is specially useful for ambulances.


Safety of the patients and health workers is important to Hewa Tele. Facilities can save tons of money in repair costs down the line if they spend a little on preventive maintenance.