Our Plants


Our inaugural plant launched in 2014 by the 1st lady Mrs Margaret Kenyatta, the plant was set up as a PPP between GE foundation, Hewatele, CPHD and Siaya County. The plant currently serves over 10 counties with oxygen and oxygen accessories.


: The Nakuru plant is a partnership between the Nakuru County and Hewatele with the support of Grand challenges Canada. This plant has twice the capacity of the siaya plant and, together with the Nairobi plant are expected to cover over 15 counties neighbouring Nairobi.


Launched in March 2018 by the Deputy president William Ruto, the plant is also a PPP between Nairobi County, Hewatele, CPHD, UNICEF and with Grand challenges Canada as the development partner for CPHD, the plant is designed to serve the needs of Nairobi and neighbouring counties.