Our Partners


The NGO affiliate to Hewatele, CPHD is a key partner both in executive management but also provision of the necessary training and follow-ups with all the healthcare workers who interact with oxygen at their facilities. Over the years CPHD has trained more than 200 HC workers on proper use both at the facilities but also at its anaesthesia simulation training centre in Kisumu.


A key affiliate to Hewatele, MQG provides all the technical expertise required both at the Hewatele plants with its factory trained engineers but also advisory to clients including oxygen piping to client facilities


GE foundation provide the seed capital for our Siaya plant. In addition, they provided the necessary technical support through Assist International during the planning phase and also during the initial operations


Assist International was the technical implementing partner involved in planning, monitoring and initial execution of the first Hewa Tele oxygen plant at Siaya.


The county governments are key strategic partners in the PPP relationship since they not only provide the premises for the oxygen plants but are key clients for the oxygen consumption.


Grand Challenges Canada is the development partner that has provided financing for the two expansion plants in Nairobi and Nakuru.

As a key development partner to Hewatele, GCC development loan has enabled Hewatele to expand its oxygen production and access to more counties namely Nairobi, Nakuru and its environs. Thanks to this support by GCC, Hewatele Oxygen is now reaches an extra five million Kenyans.