This intitiative has been planned and implemented adhering to CPHD's approach: Identify >> Design >> Incubate. While working on the maternal and child health programs in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda, one common gross inadequacy came up again and again. It was lack of oxygen. Oxygen was expensive and its supply was irregular. Scratching below the surface of the problem revealed a monopoly of a private operator in this space, a weak distribution network and almost no support for efficient application of oxygen.

The key barriers in the delivery of oxygen to patients are:




Manufacture and supply of oxygen in East Africa is mainly a private sector concern. What CPHD understood was it was essential to involve the public sector in order to make this program effective and sustainable.

Hewa Tele brings together the Ministry of Health, the Siaya County Government, GE Foundation, Assist International, frog Design, and CPHD in a public-private partnership (PPP)—the first of its kind in Kenya in the field of medical oxygen.


The PPP is a guarantee for effective, efficient and quality-driven health services while the training component makes the solution complete.  

Example: Siaya plant, Western Kenya


Siaya County Government

Plant hosts
GE Foundation Funding
Assist International Technical assistance
Frog Design Program design and evaluation
CPHD Technical assistance
Hewa Tele Private operator looking into day-to-day operations