Now, oxygen is all around; piped to OPD, theater, and wards. We just need to ring, and oxygen is here. It is faster, cheaper, and is there even when we need it a night. The reliable supply is helping as save more lives. We don’t need to transfer patients to Kisumu for the sake of oxygen.

Nurse Penina, Siaya County Hospital

Earlier, we had to deal with frequent breakdown of concentrators and inconsistency of supply. It was tricky to manage with 1-2 cylinders. Now the supply is constant. We are also able to accept more referrals from other facilities.

Doctor, Sagam Hospital

Unlike before, supply is cheaper, consistent, and the delivery is on time. We now have no shortage of oxygen.

Suzanne Obudo, anesthetist, OT
Kisumu County Hospital

We have been taking oxygen from Hewa Tele since April 2015. Rather, Hewa Tele has been delivering oxygen. Earlier, it was more expensive and inconvenient, as we had to go to Kisumu to collect the cylinders. We had to send our ambulance for this errand. Now, it’s so very convenient.

We have kept our oxygen consumption the same as before, but now we have manage to save a lot of money.

John Ombere, procurement officer
Maseno Mission Hospital

Now we are able to have more surgeries. Earlier, we used to refer surgeries requiring spinal anesthesia. Now, we perform these operations here. Also, because we have oxygen we can perform surgeries without ketamine—getting ketamine was a challenge.

Floice, OT Nurse,
Maseno Mission Hospital