Our Solutions

1. Local oxygen generation using low-cost technology

PSA technology is a proven low-cost model to produce medical oxygen. We source our systems from only the best renown companies in the world. Our systems include AirSep systems and Oxymat PSA systems

2. Oxygen distribution system

We utilise a hub and spoke model of delivery. This ensures that all our clients are within 2 hours drive from our nearest plant using our customised trucks. In cases where this is not possible, we will set up depots in strategic places that ensure our clients get the oxygen in good time.

3. Clinical Use Training

Hewatele, through its affiliate NGO CPHD, ensure that all healthcare workers are training on oxygen use including patient identification and monitoring by using a curriculum approved by the ministry of health.

4. Supply of oxygen accessories (Masks, Regulators, splitters and flow meters

The oxygen accessories are a key component in ensuring the supplied oxygen is delivered to the deserving patient. Hewatele ensures this is done by ensuring all the oxygen accessories are available at an affordable price. Such accessories include Oxygen masks, oxygen flowmeters, Cannulas, Oxygen splitters as well as oxygen regulators.

5. Supply of Pulse oximeters and Bubble CPAP

Hewatele also supplies Lifebox pulse oximeters and Pumani CPAP machines to monitor and support patients with respiratory distress

6. Plant installation and maintenance

We have inhouse engineers who are factory trained to maintain and repair all the oxygen systems. This ensures that we are able to maintain almost 100% uptime due to the regular preventative maintenance